Frequently asked questions

Please get to know our frequently ask questions before sending us a message.

   1. Do you ship to my address? 

       Yes we do ship to your address and worldwide.



   2. Is delivery guarantee?

       We offer 100% safe and secured delivery Method.

      Also issue  a reshipment if for any reasons

      caused by us your package did not get delivered.



  3. What exactly happens after ordering?

      After ordering from us, you will get an email or text notification.

      on how to make payments.

      This will depends on which method of payments you chooses.

      for bitcoins payment. You will not have to get and email

      since our bitcoin wallet address is on the web.

      Instead you will need to send us a bitcoin payment confirmation.



  4. Which payment methods are accepted?

      We accept; Cash App, Western Union, Zelle, Bitcoins

      and Gift Cards.

      NOTE: We advice Client to use Crypto Currencies for payment.

      as the add and extra layer of  security and it is borderless

      if you don’t know how to pay with Bitcoin,

      Get in touch with us and we are going to direct you on

      how to go about it.



  5. How long will delivery take?

     We got two method of delivery.

     Standard which takes a maximum of 3 – 4days

     Overnight delivery which takes a maximum of 1 to 2days.



  6. How secure is it shopping online? Is my data secured?

      We have a safe and discreet method of payments so our clients are also safe.

      Also, packages are packed and sealed discreetly by professionals.

      No signature is required for delivery.



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